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Sydney Portrait Photographer


How long does the shoot take: On average shoots generally take around 45 minutes. Our photographers will capture the best shots in an easy and relaxed manner.

How many photos will be taken:Thanks to the wonderful world of digital technology there isn’t really a limit to the amount of photos we can take.

What if I don’t want the photos taken in my house: That’s more than fine. There are so many beautiful locations around Sydney to shoot out doors. One of our favorites is Balmoral Beach.

What if my child doesn’t want to cooperate: Don’t stress, it happens. Quite often a toddler’s most favourite word is ‘No’. We have many ways to nurture your child to capture the best expression.

What age is best to photograph: We shoot from pregnancy to grandparents, so there isn’t really one age you can put it down to. Every stage in your child’s growth changes so dramatically, the goal is to capture it. From the moment your child is born to 12 weeks show the close & personal bonding moments of your child’s new Life.    4 – 8 months you child’s essence really begins to shine though. Then 1yr – 3yr you can really capture their personality….

How many people can be in the photo shoot: There’s no limit, so feel free to bring the whole family if you’d like.

My child scratched their face, can this be retouched out: Yes, minor things like scratches, bruises even that last minute surprise pen marks are common and no effort to hide away.